General provisions:

The time for the provision of warranty services for each model of certain equipment is prescribed in the warranty certificate, which is provided to the client for all goods along with the purchase. Warranty services, depending on the degree of breakdown and the presence of our mechanic in your region, can be carried out remotely, or in one of our service centers.

In the event of a warranty case, you need to contact us at one of the hotline numbers listed on our website ( 38 (096) 433-88-55 ). When you call, you need to provide data that identifies you as a client of our online store.

It is important to remember that improper use of equipment and unprofessional intervention in the operation of mechanisms, mainly become the causes of breakdowns and malfunctions. To avoid such cases, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the instructions for sewing techniques before using the equipment, and also involve only qualified specialists in setting up the equipment..

It should be borne in mind that not all types of damage are covered by the warranty.

Warranty services are valid for:

Main units and mechanisms, shafts, bushings, brackets, flywheels, cranks, bearings, metal gears, toothed and V-belts, needle bars, eccentrics, oil pumps, pressure gauges, heating elements, anchors, motors, integrated control units, electronics.

Warranty services do not apply to:

Needles, bobbins, bobbin cases, feet, hooks, loopers, needle plates, feed racks, tension adjusters, thread holders, blades, power cables, any plastic parts. Warranty service also does not imply adjustment of equipment for different types of threads and fabrics, lubrication and cleaning.

To obtain warranty repair, you must provide the following documents:
  1. Warranty sheet with model name, serial number and date of sale.
  2. Documents that confirm the purchase of goods (sales or cash receipt, or invoice).

The documents listed above must be certified by the company seal and the seller's signature. If the documents were lost, then you need to contact us by the hot line number, provide information to identify you as a client of the online store, and already upon contacting request the "Warranty Service".

Conditions for obtaining a guarantee:
  1. The warranty is only valid if the following conditions are met:
    • Correctly and correctly filled out warranty certificate with the indicated: model name, product serial number, date of sale, stamp and signature of the seller;
    • Availability of the original warranty certificate;
    • Use of the product in accordance with the requirements of the equipment operating instructions.
  2. The service center reserves the right to refuse warranty service if the above documents are not provided or if the information in them is incorrect.
  3. The warranty is valid only on the territory of Ukraine and only for products purchased on its territory.
  4. Warranty services cover equipment malfunctions that result from hidden defects in parts.
  5. The warranty includes replacement of defective parts and free repairs during the warranty period.
  6. Warranty services do not apply to defects that have arisen when the buyer violates the instructions for using the equipment, as well as defects that are caused by natural disasters.
  7. The time for the warranty repair, if the necessary spare parts are available, cannot exceed two weeks for each piece of equipment; in the absence of the necessary spare parts, the repair time can be increased, but not more than 30 working days. The warranty period for the replacement of necessary spare parts cannot be longer than the warranty period for all equipment.
  8. Warranty services do not include: periodic maintenance, installation and adjustment of equipment.
  9. Warranty services do not apply to equipment parts that quickly fail.
Conditions for loss of warranty service:
    • If the product, which is intended for personal (household, family) use, was used to carry out business activities, as well as for other purposes that do not correspond to its intended purpose;
    • Equipment malfunctions due to non-observance of the operating instructions or incorrect actions of the client, incorrect installation;
    • Mechanical damage during transportation of the equipment (pickup), including dents, scratches, or other deformations;
    • Natural disasters (lightning, fire, etc.), as well as other reasons that have nothing to do with the seller and manufacturer;
    • Ingestion of equipment: all kinds of foreign objects, liquids, insects, which led to the withdrawal of equipment from work;
    • Independent repairs and structural changes to equipment, breakage of seals, violation of the integrity of the machine body;
    • Damage due to inadequacy of power supply, temperature and humidity in the room, operation of equipment without grounding, etc.;
    • Damage due to the use of non-standard and (or) low-quality consumables, components, spare parts, storage media, as well as software products that were not provided or recommended by the seller.
  1. Warranty repair of the goods is provided within 2 weeks from the date of delivery of the equipment to the service center. Warranty repair begins after professional diagnostics (3-5 days), during which the cause of the damage will be determined. The goods are accepted for diagnostics in the presence of the appropriate documents (warranty certificate, filled in correctly).
  2. The warranty does not neglect the consumer's legal rights provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

To receive detailed information, contact us by phone number: 0800336956.