Baoyu Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. — one of the largest professional sewing equipment companies in China, specializing in the development and implementation of innovative technologies in industrial sewing equipment.
The history of the Baoyu brand begins in 1999. Having laid a solid foundation in its development, the fast-growing company already in 2003 exported its products to 38 countries around the world. Three years later, an ERP system was adopted, which made it possible to minimize errors, comprehensively optimize enterprise management and increase production efficiency. General recognition came in 2013 when Baoyu was named the best in China.
At the moment, the brand has two high-tech factories and a large network of retail outlets throughout China.


Baoyu's R&D centers and production lines are located in the capital of the world's industrial sewing machinery, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. More than 300,000 pieces of various sewing equipment are collected and exported here all over the world, including: Eastern Europe, Central and Southeast Asia, Africa, America and other regions. The exit of each unit of production from the factory is accompanied by careful quality control, providing the client with only reliable equipment.
The production capacity of two modern plants allows the company not only to have more than 100 different sewing products, but also to assemble equipment brand "Sewpower".


We are the official representative of the Baoyu company in Ukraine. Direct work with the plant and friendly relations with the company allowed us to achieve a loyal pricing policy and introduce high-quality, modern Baoyu sewing equipment to the Ukrainian market.