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Industrial zigzag sewing machines

Zigzag sewing machines - are professional lockstitch sewing techniques, applicable for sewing and processing zigzag stitches. Unlike the straight stitch, the zigzag stitch is capable of slight stretching without pulling the elastic material. The machines are widely used for sewing: underwear, sportswear, gloves, trousers, corsets, etc.

Main applications of zigzag stitching machines:

  • Slicing processing;
  • Quilting work;
  • Customization of applications;
  • Decorating;
  • Sewing work;
  • Sewing in elastic tape.

Zigzag sewing machine control type:

Mechanical control - the control of the sewing machine is completely tied to mechanical units.

Computer control - sewing equipment is controlled using electronics and a digital control panel. The machine has a wide range of different zigzag stitch designs and automatic functions.

Modern sewing equipment is equipped with a built-in energy efficient 550W servo drive. The design of the electric motor has no connection units, directly transmitting the revolutions to the main shaft of the sewing machine. Options are also available: needle positioning, soft start and engine speed control.

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