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Industrial interlock sewing machines

Interlock sewing machines - professional three-needle five-thread sewing technique of chain stitch. Thanks to their strong flat seam, they are able to withstand high stretching.

The stitch width is adjusted by removing one of the needles. Leaving one needle, the machine is capable of sewing with a two-thread, one-line, straight chain stitch. The most common baseline spacing is 5.6.

The flat seam is formed by the operation of the lower looper. The basic set of production coverstitch machines also includes an upper threading machine (spreader), which allows processing materials with a decorative stitching with a top coverstitch.

For high-quality work with various types of materials, coverstitch machines are equipped with a differential feed regulator. The mechanism allows you to set the required speed for gathering or stretching the material during advance.


Main application of interlock machines:

  • Connection of parts;
  • Hemming of the edges of the product and sleeves;
  • Sewing in necks;
  • Processing of cuffs and armholes;
  • Sewing in an elastic band;
  • Processing of products with decorative stitching.
  • Sewing of elastic clothes: swimwear, sportswear, children's clothes, underwear

Classification and purpose of professional coverstitch sewing machines:

By platform type:

The flat platform - is the classic version of the working platform on an interlock machine.

Cylinder-bed - used for processing cylindrical products: cuffs, legs, necks, etc.

By appointment:

Basic models - are universal coverstitch machines that allow carrying out various operations: hemming the bottom edge, processing with decorative stitching, edging, stitching parts.

For edging with a bias binding - machines with a cut platform, where the edging device is installed.

For sewing elastic bands - models are equipped with a dispensing device for elastic bands and a cutting knife along the edge.

For sewing in an elastic band around the ring - these models are characterized by auxiliary rollers, which allow stitching in both regular and waist elastic bands.

Models with an edged knife along the edge - the presented machines are used to finish stitching with a neat trimming of the edge.

Models with a puller - the machines are equipped with an auxiliary feed roller for better feeding of the materials being sewn.

Professional coverstitch machines with automatic functions:

To automate the routine manipulations of the sewing operator and increase the speed of work, modern machines can be equipped with:

  • Automatic thread trimming;
  • Automatic lifting of the presser foot.

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