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What is an industrial overlock sewing machine?

Industrial overlock - is a type of professional sewing technique, the main task of which is to process the edge of bulk materials with a neat elastic chain stitch. The chain stitch is created by the loopers that grip the needle thread to form a chain.

The overcasting machine - is used as an additional sewing equipment and is an indispensable item both in industrial production and for those who want to sew professionally.


Classification of industrial overcasting machines:

Depending on the purpose, overlocks are divided by:

Number of threads:

3-thread: one-needle overcasting machine, used exclusively for overcasting garments with three-thread seams. There are also three-thread overlock overlocks for rolled seams.

4-Thread: the double-needle overcasting machine is capable of not only overcasting and trimming, but also sewing parts with a four-thread elastic stitch.
* By removing one needle, the four-thread overlock can be used as a three-thread.

5-thread: a double-needle overlock machine that forms a three-thread overlock stitch and parallel to a chain stitch.
* By removing one needle, the five-thread overlock can be used as a three-thread

6-thread: universal 3-needle overlock sewing machines for 4-thread overlock seams with a parallel double-thread chain stitch.
* By removing one of the needles, the six-thread overlock can be used as: a five-thread, four-thread and three-thread overlock.

There are also special purpose overlock machines for: stitching in elastic bands, carpet overlocks, overlocks for decorative finishing.

By type of fabric:

Models of professional overcasting machines can be for both light materials and heavy ones.

Overlocks for heavy materials are characterized by:

  • Enlarged knife for cutting material;
  • Increased needle bar;
  • Wide presser foot;
  • Oversized lower conveyor teeth.

By type of working platform:

Flat platform - is the classic overlock work area. The flat platform will allow you to mount a variety of attachments such as an edger and work in a recessed table.

Cylinder-bed - used for processing the edge of cylindrical products.

By type of promotion:

Bottom conveyor overlocks - the material is moved by the bottom conveyor.

Dual feed overlocks - material is moved by the lower feed and two-segment walking foot.

To increase the working speed and convenience of work, the edge finishing machines can be equipped with auxiliary functions:

  • Automatic lifting of the presser foot;
  • Automatic thread chain trimming;
  • Automatic chain bartack;
  • Positioning the needle;
  • LED backlight;
  • Air collector of scrap residues.

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