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What is an industrial sewing machine for?

The industrial lockstitch sewing machine - is the main working tool in any sewing enterprise. This class of sewing technique is designed for heavy production loads and is used for sewing parts with a straight two-thread stitch.

The lockstitch is formed thanks to the hooks device. At the moment of puncture, the needle forms a loop, which is picked up by the hook with the wound bobbin. The weave of the needle thread and the hook thread forms a lockstitch.

The lockstitch, although strong enough, is not elastic, therefore it is not applicable for sewing stretch materials.


Advantages of professional sewing machines:

  • Durability and wear resistance;
  • Excellent thread retraction and quality seam;
  • Motor power and range of processed fabrics;
  • High speed of work.

How to choose an Industrial Sewing Machine?

Before you buy an industrial sewing machine, you need to decide what you will sew and, depending on the tasks, select the technique.

Straight stitch sewing machines are classified by:

Promotion type:

Bottom feed machines are a versatile class of sewing models in which materials are moved by bottom transport of the material.

Machines with a needle conveyor - in this class of professional sewing equipment, the material is moved using two moving mechanisms: a needle bar and a bottom conveyor. Such a system is necessary for working with slippery and thin materials, since the needle reliably fixes all layers of the sewn materials, preventing them from moving.

Material type:

Models for light and medium fabrics are suitable for sewing materials such as chiffon, cambric, voile, satin, silk, tweed, gabardine, viscose, jeans, etc.

Medium to heavy models are used for working with materials such as jeans, thin leather, flannel, drape, denim, raincoats, etc.

The main differences between machines for light and heavy materials are:

  • maximum stitch length;
  • feed dog;
  • presser foot;
  • needle bar stroke;
  • hook;
  • the needle plate;
  • system of needles and thread thickness;
  • thread take-up;
  • thread tension regulator;

It follows from this that although both of these models are outwardly and very similar, their designs and purposes are different, so you should carefully choose a sewing machine.

Control type:

Mechanical sewing machines are the simplest class of sewing equipment, in which the entire structure is tied to mechanical knots, they do not have auxiliary automatic functions..

Computerized sewing machines are the most advanced class in industrial sewing technology, and have automatic options to save time on routine manipulations.

Types of motors with which sewing machines are equipped:

A frictional outboard engine is a classic and, today, an outdated type of engine. The engine speed is transmitted to the main shaft of the sewing machine by a belt drive, and the speed depends on the depressing of the pedal. Such engines are quite noisy and not economical.

Built-in servo drive - energy efficient, quiet, direct drive. The servo only starts when the start pedal is depressed. Machines with a servo drive have LED lighting, a needle positioner, a soft start option and a speed setting.

Hook type:

For sewing large-sized items such as curtains or furniture, a larger amount of thread is required, therefore there is a sewing technique with a large hook.

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