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Industrial sewing machines with double material transport

Straight stitch single-needle industrial sewing machines with walking foot - are professional equipment for sewing products from heavy and extra-heavy materials. The material is fed by means of a feed dog and walking foot, which provides excellent grip and advancement of the fabrics being sewn. Also, this technique is characterized by a large hook device for working with thicker thread and a more powerful motor for a reinforced puncture.


Top advance sewing machines complete set:

For more productive sewing production, sewing machines can be equipped with automatic functions:

  • Automatic thread trimming;
  • Automatic bartack;
  • Automatic lifting of the presser foot;
  • Needle positioning;
  • Smooth start option;
  • LED backlight.

Modern sewing machines are equipped with an automatic lubrication system and a built-in 750W energy-saving servo drive. In contrast to the friction motor, the servo drive only works when the start pedal is pressed, thus significantly saving energy consumption.

Немаловажной особенностью, в работе с кожей и плотными материала станет регулировка скорости оборотов, позволяющая задать необходимый диапазон оборотов двигателя, вне зависимости от усилия нажатия на педаль.

Specification of Double Transport Production Sewing Machine:

There are varieties of sewing patterns designed for specific tasks.

Double feed machines - are the basic and most versatile sewing machine for working with heavy and extra-heavy materials. Suitable for garment gathering, edging, zipper sewing.

Machines with double advancement and long arm - are applicable for sewing large-sized products, are widely used in the automotive and furniture industries.

Double advance machines with integrated edge trimming knife - this technique is useful for joining fabric with backing and preparing for edging. Also used for sewing insulated clothing and furniture.

Where to buy an industrial double transport sewing machine in Ukraine?

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