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Industrial double needle sewing machines

Lockstitch Double Needle Machine - professional sewing technique with needle feed and double parallel stitching. This technique is applicable for: sewing pockets, belts, cuffs, finishing stitches, etc.


Classification of double-needle industrial sewing machines:

By functional features:

With the function of disconnecting the needle - the machines are equipped with two separate needle bars, which makes it possible to work in bends by disconnecting one of the needles.

Without disconnecting needles - models with one needle bar without the ability to disconnect the needles.

Material type and application:

Machines for light and medium materials are used for sewing: underwear, suits, dresses, blouses.

Machines for medium and heavy materials are used for sewing: jeans, workwear, camping equipment, jackets, shoes, leather clothing.

By type of control:

Mechanical - the basic class of sewing technology, in which the adjustment and control of the sewing machine is completely tied to mechanical units.

Computer - modern sewing machines, which are controlled by a microprocessor, and the functions are set on the control panel.

All modern sewing machines are equipped with a built-in direct-action servo drive. By operating only when the pedal is depressed, such motors are energy efficient, and the direct transmission of revolutions to the main shaft of the sewing machine ensures quiet and smooth operation.

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