Baoyu NEX-8-95200S | Inteligent template sewing machine
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Baoyu NEX-8-95200S | Inteligent template sewing machine

Working field size: 2000 х 870 мм
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  • NEX-8 DPx5 #7-#21 2 0 - 12.7 mm 22 mm 2000 x 870 mm 3500 st/min 220 V 550 W
    Автоматическая шаблонная швейная машина Baoyu NEX8-90130

    About the car

    Baoyu NEX-8-95200S - automatic pattern sewing machine with a working field of 2000 x 870 mm. The machine is designed to automate sewing production. Templates solve the problem of the lack of qualified specialists, as they do not require professional training. Reduce the probability of rejects, increase production efficiency.

    The machine works according to the loaded pattern. Template designs are created in graphic editors and transferred to the machine's memory using a USB memory stick. The control panel with user-friendly interface, allows to control and adjust the working parameters. The machine is equipped with a built-in servo drive. Thanks to the absence of transmission nodes, the motor is almost silent, has high energy efficiency and reliability. The maximum speed is 3500 rpm.

    Гибкость Baoyu NEX8-90130


    The pattern machine has a huge range of applications. You can sew car covers, jackets, jackets, accessories, make shoe tops, stitch on patch pockets, and much more.

    Эффективность Baoyu NEX8-90130


    The Baoyu NEX-8-95200S allows your business to remain profitable when you are understaffed. One operator is able to operate several machines at the same time, without having to be qualified as a seamstress. Thanks to the ultra-precise automatic control, the quality of your products will always remain high and the possibility of rejects will be minimized.

    Панель управления Baoyu NEX8-90130

    Control Panel

    The control panel, located behind the housing, allows you to change machine settings while you are sewing. All gauges are backlit. The display shows all the information you need, including the online sewing preview, sewing speed and stitch counter. USB memory sticks are used for pattern loading. The memory capacity is limited to 999 patterns.

    Датчик обрыва Baoyu NEX8-90130

    Break sensor

    If the thread breaks, machine operation will stop immediately. After the operator refills the thread, operation will resume from the point where it was stopped.

    Герметичная система смазки Baoyu NEX8-90130

    Sealed lubrication system

    The needle bar is equipped with a sealed bushing, ensuring no oil leakage. The lubrication system is fully automatic.

    Лазер Baoyu NEX8-90130

    Laser (Optional)

    At the customer's request, the machine can be equipped with a laser device for cutting out parts according to a given contou.

    • Client note

      The manufacturer reserves the right to change the equipment, design and technical specifications of products without prior notice.

  • Category:Sewing machines
    Appointment of the machine:Pattern sewing machines
    Stitch type:Shuttle
    Type of needle:DPx5
    Shuttle size:Increased
    Stitch length:0.05 — 12.7 mm
    Working area:870 × 2000 sq mm
    Automatic thread trimming:Yes
    Control panel:LCD color touch screen
    Lubrication system:Automatic
    Thread tension:Electronic
    Data input / output:USB drives
    Memory:999 patterns
    Interface languages:English
    Max sewing speed:3500 st/min
    Dimensions:420 × 260 × 130 cm
    Security:24 months
    Equipment:Standard equipment
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Baoyu NEX-8-95200S | Inteligent template sewing machine