Baoyu GT-900D-4 | High speed four thread industrial computer overlock
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Baoyu GT-900D-4 | High speed four thread industrial computer overlock

For light and medium fabrics.

Maximum speed: 6500 st / min
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SKU: GT900D4
  • GT-900D DPx27 #75 2 5.5 4 0.6 - 3.8 4-7 0.7 - 2 6500 220V 550W
    GT-900D-UTD DPx27 #75 2 5.5 4 0.6 - 3.8 4-7 0.7 - 2 6500 220V 550W
    GT-900D-KSC DPx27 #75 2 5.5 4 0.6 - 3.8 4-7 0.7 - 2 6500 220V 550W

    About overlock

    Baoyu GT-900D-4 is a high-speed industrial two-needle four-thread overlock, designed to work with light to medium knit fabrics. Adjustable stitch length - 0.6 - 3.8 mm

    The presented model is equipped with: control panel, LED-backlight, built-in servo drive with optional needle positioning. It is possible to install additional components: automatic thread trimming and automatic foot lifting.

    Control Panel

    The machine parameter settings are collected in a single integrated control unit, with a 4.5" display.

    Built-in servo motor

    Baoyu GT-900D-4 is powered by a built-in energy-saving servo motor manufactured by «Supu».

    Needle bar lubrication system

    A centralized lubrication system with a system for removing excess oil and a closed needle bar will reliably protect the products from the ingress of lubricating fluid on them.

    LED backlight

    As an additional illumination, the overlock has built-in LED lighting.

    Automatic thread trimming (optional)

    The design of the Baoyu GT-900D-4 model allows the overlock to be additionally equipped with an automatic thread cutter and an automatic foot lift.

    Cropping and moving materials

    The double feed dog of the bottom transport with differential feed control ensures even feeding of problem materials.

    Recessed table (optional)

    By order of the buyer, it is possible to complete the overcasting machine with a recessed table.

    • Customer reminder

      The manufacturer reserves the right to change the configuration, design and specifications of goods, without prior notice.

  • Category:Overlocks
    Material type:Lungs / Medium
    Stitch type:Knitting-and-stitching
    Type of material promotion:Bottom promotion
    Type of needle:DCx27
    Recommended needle range:70 - 110
    Needle distance:2
    Platform type:Flat
    Foot lift:5.5 mm
    Max stitch width:7 mm
    Max stitch length:3.8 mm
    Automatic thread trimming:No
    Automatic foot raise:No
    Automatic stitching:No
    Engine power:550 W
    Number of threads:4
    Vacuum suction:No
    Integrated needle positioner:Yes
    Lubrication system:Automatic oil pump
    Oil sump:Closed
    Max sewing speed:6500 st/min
    Weight(gross):37 kg
    Weight(net):29 kg
    Kit weight(gross/net):63 / 54 kg
    Dimensions:47.5 × 36 × 54 cm
    Table dimensions:120 x 60 cm
    Security:24 months
    Equipment:Sewing machine, sewing table, standard accessories, tool, oil 0.5 l
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Baoyu GT-900D-4 | High speed four thread industrial computer overlock