Baoyu GT-180 | Universal industrial sewing machine
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Baoyu GT-180H | Universal industrial sewing machine

Baoyu GT-180 | Universal industrial sewing machine

For light and medium fabrics

Maximum speed: 5000 st / min
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SKU: GT180
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  • GT-180 DBx1 0 - 5 5.5 - 13 5000 220V 550W
    GT-180H DPx5 0 - 5 5.5 - 13 4000 220V 550W
    GT-180H-7 DPx5 0 - 7 5.5 - 13 4000 220V 550W
    GT-180B DBx5 0 - 5 5.5 - 13 4000 220V 550W

    About the sewing machine

    The Baoyu GT-180 is a single-needle industrial lockstitch sewing machine with a bottom feed conveyor for sewing light to medium materials. The maximum stitch length is 5 mm.

    The model is equipped with a built-in energy-saving electric drive, bobbin winder, automatic lubrication system, LED-backlighting, as well as auxiliary functions such as: soft start and needle positioner.

    Control panel

    The sewing machine is equipped with a built-in control panel, on which it is available: set the end position of the needle stop, set the engine speed range and enable soft start.

    Built-in motor

    The sewing machine is equipped with a built-in energy efficient electric drive with a built-in positioner, power of 550 W, from the Qixing brand. Thanks to the direct transmission of revs to the main shaft of the machine, a smooth and smooth operation is achieved, without vibration and noise. Basic speed of work - 3700 st./min. (maximum operating speed - 5000 st./min., set upon request - optional).

    LED backlight

    For additional illumination of the work area, the machine is equipped with a bright LED light.

    Positioning button

    In the area of the needle bar there is a function key with which it is possible to change the position of the needle: up / down.

    Bobbin winder

    At the top of the sewing machine head is a built-in bobbin winding device. The bobbin winder allows you to adjust the amount of winding thread, and is also equipped with a lock to prevent the bobbin from slipping during winding.

    Needle plate

    The sewing machine for light and medium materials is equipped with a 3-row toothed rack with a mirror arrangement of the teeth and a needle plate with a needle hole diameter of 1.8 mm. The range of needles used is from 60 - 110.

    Automatic lubrication system

    An automatic oil pump distributes lubricating fluid, which penetrates into all the necessary parts of the sewing machine, thus ensuring the wear resistance of the internal mechanisms.

    • Customer reminder

      The manufacturer reserves the right to change the configuration, design and specifications of goods, without prior notice.

  • Category:Lockstitch
    Stitch type:Shuttle
    Material type:Lungs / Medium
    Type of material promotion:Bottom promotion
    Type of needle:DBx1
    Needle hole diameter:1,8 mm
    Recommended needle range:70 - 110
    Engine power:550 W
    Foot lift:5.5 - 13 mm
    Automatic stitching:No
    Automatic foot raise:No
    Automatic thread trimming:No
    Shuttle size:Standard
    Max stitch length:5 mm
    Control panel:Physical buttons and and digital display
    Electromagnet Clamp:No
    Lubrication system:Automatic oil pump
    Oil sump:Open
    Integrated needle positioner:Yes
    Functional buttons:Add stitch button
    Max sewing speed:3700 / 5000 st/min
    Sleeve outreach:130 x 260 mm
    Needle bar stroke:31.8 mm
    Weight(gross):38 kg
    Weight(net):34 kg
    Kit weight(gross/net):64 / 59 kg
    Dimensions:63 × 25 × 54 cm
    Table dimensions:120 x 60 cm
    Security:24 months
    Equipment:Sewing machine, sewing table, standard accessories, tool, oil 0.5 l
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    Average customer rating
    4.67 out of 5 stars
    • И
      • October 25, 2021 10:06

      Пользуюсь более 7 месяцев машинкой, очень довольная покупкой. Отлично шьет все что мне нужно, никаких проблем с ней не было. Неплохой стол в комплекте

    • Н
      • April 20, 2021 11:19

      Вот и сбылась мечта, и на смену бытовушке пришла промка. Спасибо магазину за советы и помощь со сборкой, собрали сами без проблем. Машинка просто шикарная, смело рекомендую!

    • А
      • December 4, 2020 12:34

      Машинка просто супер! У нас открылось небольшое ателье, по этому требовалась хорошая и надежная швейная машина. Обратились за консультацией, менеджер нам посоветовал эту модель. И знаете, мы не прогадали! Шьет отлично, даже бифлекс отшивает без проблем. Смело рекомендую к покупке!

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Baoyu GT-180 | Universal industrial sewing machine