Baoyu BML-781D
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Baoyu GT-781D | Buttonhole sewing machine with automatic presser foot lift

Baoyu BML-781D

Loop shape: straight loop

Buttonhole length: 31.8 mm
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  • GT-798D DPx5 #75-90 1 6.4-19mm 12 2 1 * 22x(2.5-4) 3600 68/73 220V 550W
    BML-781D DPx5 #75-90 1 6.4-19mm 12 2 1 * 22x(2.5-4) 3600 68/73 220V 550W
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  • Category:Looped
    Stitch type:Shuttle
    Type of needle:DPx5 #11- #14
    Maximum loop width:5 mm
    Maximum loop length:31.8 mm
    Foot lift:12 мм
    Automatic thread trimming:Yes
    Automatic foot raise:No
    Thread tension:Manual
    Main shaft motor:Servomotor
    Loop through mode:After looping
    Number of stitches for looping the eye:54 — 345
    Stitch pitch:0.2 — 2.5 mm
    Loop shapes:Straight loop
    Maximum material thickness:6 мм
    Knife drive:Eccentric
    Lubrication system:Automatic oil pump
    Max sewing speed:4000
    Dimensions:69 × 33 × 80 cm
    Table dimensions:120 x 60 cm
    Security:2 years
    Equipment:Loop machine, sewing table, standard components, tools, oil 0.5 l
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Baoyu BML-781D