Baoyu BML-430D-02 | Компьютерная закрепочная швейная машина
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Baoyu BML-430D-01 | Computer locking sewing machine

Baoyu BML-430D-02 | Компьютерная закрепочная швейная машина

Для средних и тяжелых материалов

Максимальная скорость: 3200 ст/мин
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  • Category:Fastening
    General purpose:Basic
    Material type:Medium / Heavy
    Stitch type:Shuttle
    Type of needle:DPx5 #14
    Shuttle size:Standard
    Foot lift:17 mm
    Stitch length:0.05 — 12.7 mm
    Control panel:Digital displays, physical buttons
    Automatic thread trimming:Yes
    Automatic foot raise:Yes
    Number of ready-made patterns for sewing:89
    Working area:30 × 40 sq mm
    Thread tension:Manual
    The number of cyclic programs:30
    Memory:512 patterns
    Main shaft motor:Servomotor
    Clamping frame drive:Stepper motor
    Cutting length:Standard
    Counters:Bottom thread counter, sewing counter
    Lubrication system:Shuttle only grease
    Weight(gross):56 kg
    Weight(net):46 kg
    Kit weight(gross/net):82 / 71 kg
    Dimensions:78 × 36 × 55 cm
    Table dimensions:120 x 60 cm
    Security:24 months
    Equipment:The car for performance of fastening, a sewing table, standard accessories, the tool, oil of 0,5 l
    Interface languages:English
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Baoyu BML-430D-02 | Компьютерная закрепочная швейная машина