Baoyu BML-20UA2 | Industrial zigzag sewing machine with one-step puncture
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Baoyu BML-20UA2 | Industrial zigzag sewing machine with one-step puncture

For light and medium materials

Maximum speed: 2000 st / min
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  • BML-20U53 DPx5 5 6 12 2000 220V 550W
    BML-20U53-D DPx5 5 6 10 3000 220V 550W

    About the zigzag sewing machine

    Baoyu BML-20U53 is an industrial single-needle zigzag sewing machine, with feed dog and one-step puncture. The maximum stitch length is 5 mm, the zigzag width is 12 mm.

    The machine is equipped with: an integrated control panel, a bobbin winder and a servo drive with options: needle positioning and smooth start.

    Control Panel

    The model is equipped with a built-in control panel, intuitive navigation and display. There are 100 different decorative stitches available.

    Bobbin winder

    In the body of the zigzag there is a device for winding a thread on a bobbin, with the ability to adjust the amount of thread winding and a seat lock.

    Built-in servo drive

    The sewing machine is equipped with a built-in energy efficient servo motor manufactured by «Qixing».

    Engine power - 550W. Basic speed of work - 1500 st / min (maximum 2000 st / min.).

    Lubrication system

    The lubrication system is equipped with an automatic oil pump, which circulates lubricant through all friction units.

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      The manufacturer reserves the right to change the configuration, design and specifications of goods, without prior notice.

  • Category:Zigzags
    Material type:Lungs / Medium
    Type of material promotion:Bottom promotion
    Type of needle:DPx5
    Shuttle Type:Vertical
    Shuttle size:Standard
    Foot lift:6 mm
    Automatic thread trimming:No
    Automatic stitching:No
    Automatic foot raise:No
    Engine power:550 W
    Max stitch length:5 mm
    Needle bar stroke:30.7 mm
    Lubrication system:Automatic oil pump
    Sleeve outreach:120 x 203 mm
    Soft start function:No
    Integrated needle positioner:No
    Number of lines:100
    The number of steps to perform a zigzag:1
    Thick stitch function:No
    Needle deflection adjustment:To the left
    Maximum zigzag width:10 mm
    Max sewing speed:3000 st/min
    Weight(net):22 kg
    Weight(gross):25 kg
    Kit weight(gross/net):51 / 47 kg
    Dimensions:56 × 26 × 51 cm
    Table dimensions:120 x 60 cm
    Security:24 months
    Equipment:Sewing machine, sewing table, standard accessories, tool, oil 0.5 l
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Baoyu BML-20UA2 | Industrial zigzag sewing machine with one-step puncture