Baoyu BML-1790A | Computer buttonhole sewing machine
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Baoyu BML-1790A | Computer buttonhole sewing machine

Loop shape: eye loop

Total memory: 99
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SKU: BML-1790A
  • BML-1790A DPx5 #75-90 1 6.4-31.8mm 17 2 1 * 4x(2.5-5) 3600 68/73 220V 1000W

    About buttonhole machine

    Baoyu BML-1790A is a computer industrial buttonhole machine, applicable for straight and simulated eyelet buttonhole, with automatic cutting in one cycle. Loop length 40 mm, width 5 mm.

    The model is equipped with: built-in servo, automatic lubrication system, bobbin winder, electronic thread tension, touch control and automatic options: presser foot lift, buttonhole knife and thread trimming.

    Built-in servo drive

    The buttonhole machine is equipped with an integrated energy-saving servo drive.

    Engine power 550W. Maximum working speed - 4200 st / min.

    Buttonhole embroidery

    Baoyu BML-1790A model is used for sewing various straight buttonholes to simulate an eyelet buttonhole, fully automatic. There are over 30 ready-made basic templates available, which are used in most cases.

    Control panel

    Setting the sewing parameters of the machine is carried out using the color touch control panel, with a practical navigation system. The memory of the machine can store up to 99 templates, which can be loaded via USB stick or CF card.

    Bobbin winder

    In the body of the machine there is a device for quickly winding the thread on the bobbin.

    Japanese hook

    The high quality of Japanese hooks greatly reduces the chance of thread breakage.

    Stepper motors

    Loop hole cutting, automatic thread trimming and material handling system are powered by stepper motors, thanks to which high precision of operations is achieved.

    Thread break sensor

    The machine is equipped with a special sensor that stops the entire working process in case of thread breakage.

    Lubrication system

    Lubricating fluid is supplied to the hook from a special oil reservoir through an oil wick, and the “dry needle bar” design eliminates the possibility of oil stains on products.

    • Customer reminder

      The manufacturer reserves the right to change the configuration, design and specifications of goods, without prior notice.

  • Category:Looped
    Stitch type:Shuttle
    Type of needle:DPx5 11#-14#
    Maximum loop width:5 mm
    Maximum loop length:40 mm
    Foot lift:14 mm
    Control panel:LCD color touch screen
    Automatic thread trimming:Yes
    Automatic foot raise:Yes
    Thread tension:Electronic
    Memory:99 patterns
    Main shaft motor:Servomotor
    Loop through mode:Before looping. After looping
    Bobbin thread trimming:Long tip of thread
    Upper thread trimming:Long tip of thread
    Eye length:1 — 10 mm
    Zigzag width:0.1 — 5 mm
    Stitch pitch:0.2 — 2.5 mm
    Loop shapes:Eye loop imitation: square / radial / straight / conical / crescent / round behind
    Knife drive:Solenoid
    Lubrication system:Dry head. Automatic shuttle lubrication oil pump
    Max sewing speed:4200 st/min
    Weight(gross):75 kg
    Kit weight(gross/net):101 кг
    Dimensions:78 × 39 × 83 cm
    Table dimensions:120 x 60 cm
    Security:24 months
    Equipment:Loop machine, sewing table, standard components, tools, oil 0.5 l
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Baoyu BML-1790A | Computer buttonhole sewing machine